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Increasing biodiversity on a local scale
We know nature is in trouble - since 1970 UK species have declined by about 19% on average, and nearly 1 in 6 species are now threatened with extinction...but you can help! Whether your patch is a little garden, a village green or a 100 hectare estate, there are a wide range of actions you can take to help your local wildlife populations.

Individuals and groups can:
1) Discover
 what habitats and wildlife they have on their patch,
2) Protect
 what is of value,
3) Create
 new habitats that have biodiversity value, and
4) Manage these areas for wildlife.

Looking to start enhance your community green space for nature?
We recommend downloading our Community Town and Parish Guide to Nature Recovery.

Looking for more help?
We offer habitat management and enhancement advice to community groups and Parish Councils. Please get in touch with our community ecology team if you would like some support. Find out more about what we do by visiting our community ecology section.

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