Wild Oxfordshire is a local charity which provides a co-ordinated and strategic approach to conservation in Oxfordshire. Through providing support and encouraging environmental organisations and volunteers to work together, Wild Oxfordshire will be the catalyst for solutions that benefit wildlife within our rich and vibrant county.

We work in partnership with over 60 organisations. Current projects include:

  • Saving our bees and other pollinators under threat
  • Delivering natural solutions for  effective flood management
  • Giving nature a voice in County strategy and planning


Look up the Water Quality Near You.

Great work by Oxfordshire’s citizen scientists in the latest Thames WaterBlitz! This work helps identify water courses where biodiversity is most at threat from nutrient pollution. In heavy rainfall, excessive nitrates and phosphates from agricultural fertilisers and household sewage works are flushed from the land into water bodies. Plants such as blanket weed, duck weed and toxic algae thrive under these conditions. They block the sun from reaching the slower growing plants and then deplete the Oxygen as they decompose. If Oxygen levels drop too low, fish and other animals die. Read more.

THANK YOU  ‘Sculpture in the Vineyard’   Thanks to Bothy Vineyard for hosting ‘Sculpture in the Vineyard’ and to the many supporters, donors and volunteers who donated, bought sculptures or  volunteered over the 2 weeks.  Over 4,000 attended the event and Wild Oxfordshire volunteers helped,  giving wildlife advice and taking donations. We are grateful to everyone who’s hard work the funds raised will go towards helping Oxfordshire’s wildlife.

You can support us for  FREE simply by doing your online shopping through Give As you Live – it’s quick, easy, has all the shops and a small % goes to Wild Oxfordshire.

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