Wild Oxfordshire is a local conservation charity building  partnerships to improve Oxfordshire’s nature. Visit our Directory to see some of the 60+ organisations we work with.

June news – Waterblitz results are coming in click through to see current data.

Would you like to know how wildlife is really doing in our county? What do the facts tell us?”  Wild Oxfordshire’s new publication is now available to download chose from 2 versions: Highlights: State of Nature in Oxfordshire 2017  or  the full report of  120 + pages: Full Report: State of Nature in Oxfordshire 2017

What can you do to help Oxfordshire’s Wildife?
Join a local group. Sign up to our free Environmental Bulletin – over 47 volunteering opportunities – already over 1,500 Subscribers
Improve your garden. Click through to Community Resources for some ideas
Share the State of Nature Report with work colleagues, friends and family
Lobby your local MP and councillors – eg request the parish council make use of it when preparing their neighbourhood plans / community plans