Wild Kidlington

This is one of several ‘Wilding’ projects now found across the County with Wild Banbury and Wild Bicester as close neighbours.  Here at Wild Oxfordshire, we are excited to be hosting this partnership project, (funded for three years with thanks to Cherwell District Council), that will enable Kidlington to “bring the wild back” to the village.

Why is this important?

Why it's important

Wild Kidlington, led by Wild Oxfordshire, works with the local community to enable residents to improve spaces for wildlife whilst highlighting to local people the impact that nature-based interventions can have on their lives and wellbeing. We want to empower local communities to improve space for wildlife and help people connect with wildlife on a hyper local scale which in turn will have a positive impact on the lives of the individuals and the community.

Project Aims:

1. Enhancing the nature themed groups and activities that are already going on in Kidlington

2. Improving green spaces for wildlife in the village

3. Connect local residents to nature to benefit wellbeing and to increase understanding of local wildlife

This project is a collaboration, funded by Cherwell District Council. Our Wild Kidlington’s Project Officer, Rhiannon Evetts is working closely with the Parish Council, Kidlington Eco Group (KEG), St Mary’s Fields, Cherwell Collective, Cherwell Swifts and other local groups to ensure the project’s delivery and success.

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What are we doing?

  • Facilitating wildlife themed walks and talks
  • Running nature themed activities
  • Advising the Parish Council on wildlife enhancements for local green Spaces in the village
  • Creating hedgehog highways throughout Kidlington to make a several hedgehog streets
  • Recording a 'patchwork nature reserve' to encourage wildlife friendly gardening throughout the village
  • Connecting people to environmental themed local groups and events
  • Helping facilitate 'Kidlington Eco Group' - the new environment 'group of groups' in Kidlington

Wonderful Swifts

We are very fortunate to have a thriving swift population in Kidlington! Swifts are sadly an endangered species. We have partnered up with Cherwell swift project to make sure the project can benefit these incredible, but sadly endangered, birds. Find out more about swifts on the Cherwell swift project website.

On last year's swift walks, we were privileged to see swifts, flying and using your swift boxes and also learned lots about them from our local experts. One of our experts is Tegan Boswell (aged 7). Her family have a swift box above their garage which is used every year. She has illustrated a swift for the project and given us some top facts:

Tegan's Notes

"Hi I am Tegan Boswell, here are my facts about swifts:

  • They are very fast!
  • They come from Africa
  • They can fly up to 69mph

I watched my Dad put up our swift box - it looked quite hard. He even let me climb a little bit up the ladder"

Swifts - the Mavrics of the bird world

Our swifts migrate approximately 14,000 miles to return to our swift boxes in Kidlington! What a journey - really makes us think of 'Home sweet home'.

They do everything on the wing - drinking, eating and even mating! True acrobatic flyers.

Coming Up Wild Kidlington Events

If you are local to Kidlington, head over to the Kidlington Eco Group’s website to view the project’s upcoming events.

Get Involved

Find out about volunteering opportunities and projects you can do from home on the KEG website.

Alternatively, if you or your group have an idea for the project, or want to get to involved, please feel free to contact Rhiannon by emailing: Kidlington@wildoxfordshire.org.uk. Alternately, Rhiannon is based at Exeter Hall roughly 1 day a week, usually on a Thursday so feel free to pop by (although she may be found wondering the wilds of Kidlington, chatting to the residents and helping deliver workshops and activities).

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