We inspire and empower local communities to connect with their nature spaces, foster local understanding of biodiversity, and train volunteers on how to protect and enhance their green and blue infrastructure for future generations. Our ecologists give tailored, expert advice and support on habitat management and creation, engagement with nature recovery, sources of funding, and signpost to further guidance.

Over the last twenty five years we've been...
Conserving and enhancing iconic local habitats.
Creating habitat connectivity for species to move, open spaces for people to exercise, green spaces for good mental health, clean air by absorbing pollutants, and carbon storage.
Providing a chance for people to connect to nature and promoting an outdoor learning resource.
Encouraging volunteering, which prevents isolation, creates community cohesion, creates a sense of place and belonging, develops skills and knowledge.

We offer parish councils and community groups bespoke advice to improve their work for Oxfordshire’s habitats and species
Provide monthly information on training, advice and funding through our Environmental Email Bulletin and social media channels
Run events and conferences for local environment groups
Offer Neighbourhood Plan teams advice on ecology
Provide talks on Nature’s Recovery and what parish councils and others can do to help


Hectares of habitat created or managed.


Volunteers delivered 22,000 hrs of support.


Groups given on-site advice.


Environment Groups mapped to help people connect to their local one.

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