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Working Together

"Working together for Nature’s Recovery is essential so that we can support each other and collaborate to achieve greater impact for our environment and communities."

We are lucky in  Oxfordshire to have a wonderful group of hard-working, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals employed by a variety of organisations (charities, local government, DEFRA bodies, AONBS, businesses), in addition to a large number of volunteer community groups and individuals. An essential part of effective working is knowledge-exchange and networking. This is currently achieved by a variety of formal and informal groups, partnerships and networks, the key ones of which are outlined below.

Oxfordshire Local Nature Partnership

To radically enhance nature, its positive impact on our climate and the priority it is given, helping to make Oxfordshire an exemplar county for people and nature to thrive.

Catchment Partnerships

A way of working together on a Catchment scale to improve the water environment for wildlife and people.
In Oxfordshire we have:
Evenlode Catchment Partnership Hosted by Wild Oxfordshire)
Thame Catchment Partnership - Hosted by Freshwater Habitats Trust & Thame Conservation Trust)
Windrush Catchment Partnership - Hosted by Cotswolds Rivers Trust
Cherwell & Ray Catchment Partnership - Hosted by BBOWT & Thames 21
Ock Catchment Partnership - Hosted by Freshwater Habitat's Trust)
South Chilterns Catchment Partnership - Hosted by Thames 21

Biodiversity Advisory Group

BAG's purpose is to provide a Coordinated delivery of Nature’s Recovery in Oxfordshire. The group provides a forum for professionals, from a variety of organisations, with significant specialist knowledge of various aspects of biodiversity policy, strategy and delivery. The group also provides expert advice and guidance externally on the development of strategic plans for Oxfordshire’s Biodiversity (e.g. State of Nature, Conservation Target Areas & Nature Recovery Strategy).

Conservation Target Leads

We bring together conservationists working in the Conservation Target Areas to share best practice and support one another. Our collective aim is the creation of more wild spaces, bigger areas for landscape-scale conservation, better management of current reserves and joined and interconnected wildlife areas.

Oxfordshire Environment Board

A strong and united voice for Oxfordshire’s natural environment to inform and influence decision-makers across Oxfordshire to ensure the natural environment is being taken into account fully in all strategic plans.

Local Groups Conference

Showcasing Oxfordshire’s grassroots nature recovery projects to inspire others to take action in their community.
Sign up to our bulletin to find out when the next one is

Wildlife and Recording Conference

A chance for the environmental recording community to come together to enjoy and share updates of projects, survey initiatives and information on what they are doing. Organised by the Thames Valley Record Centre.

Healthy Ecosystems & Restoration Oxfordshire - HERO

To explore how Oxford University can play a role in efforts to restore healthy ecosystems in Oxfordshire, by bringing the university’s strengths in academic knowledge, research capacity and convening power to support ongoing and planned nature recovery activities by a range of local partners and stakeholders.

Wild Projects

Three Wild Projects, funded by Cherwell District Council are providing a focus on nature in their local neighbourhoods, inviting and inspiring people to value wildlife and do the best thing for the natural environment.
Wild Kidlington - Hosted by Wild Oxfordshire
Wild Banbury - Hosted by BBOWT
Wild Bicester - Hosted by BBOWT

Bernwood, Otmoor and Ray  Partnership Project

The BOR project team (via BBOWT's Community Networking Officer & Wild Oxfordshire’s Community Engagement Officer) will be delivering a set of open workshops to better understand what action is being taken for nature by communities, where local opportunities lie, and to identify the barriers to community led nature recovery in the area. In turn, this information will be available when creating large scale projects in the BOR area aimed at creating space for nature, empowering people to act, and enabling better access for local communities to nature.

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