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“The Evenlode waters used to be crystal clear then, one summer it seemed, they turned to look like oxtail soup, it is still obvious something is very wrong.”

John Pratt – fisherman and Citizen Science Catchment Champion for the ECP

Project Vision

The Evenlode Catchment Partnership (ECP), hosted by Wild Oxfordshire, has a vision for an Evenlode with improved water quality, enhanced flood management, enriched biodiversity, with greater community engagement with rivers, at local and landscape scales. 

To achieve these goals the ECP has a £3 million budget (2020-2025) to deliver a range of catchment-based projects. Our projects offer a great opportunity for local communities and organisations to work together on schemes that deliver benefits for freshwater ecosystems and wildlife. We are fortunate in the Evenlode Catchment to have some excellent partners working with us on a wide range of initiatives. Projects can take several years to scope, develop, and deliver and we work closely with the Environment Agency throughout this process. We are always interested to hear from local people. Get in touch to discuss your ideas for future projects in the Evenlode Catchment. You can browse our current projects below.

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We want to achieve our ambition of good ecological status across the whole catchment. To do this, we must reverse the degradation and fragmentation of our habitats and species, historic landscapes and freshwater bodies. The combined pressure of climate change and the rapid growth of rural settlements makes reaching this goal harder. To effectively tackle these issues and achieve our aims we have developed a long-term plan for the River Evenlode Catchment.

Our Projects