Please tell us about your habitat projects

Now we’d like to identify where people are already taking (or are willing/planning to take) action for habitat creation, restoration, or improvement in Oxfordshire. This information will be used in addition to data we already have on existing nature areas to help us identify priority areas.

- If you already have digital map data files that show where you have (or want to) take actions, please email these directly to  

- If not, you can use our mapping tool to share with us where you have done (or plan to do) habitat creation or restoration works on the Local Nature Strategy website

Please be aware that actions and locations that you tell us about will not be compulsory for landowners to deliver through the LNRS, instead our hope is that we may be able to increase funding opportunities for locations where people are willing to take actions. We cannot guarantee that your locations will be included as priority areas on the final map, but they will form part of the evidence-base used for these decisions.

Please share your information by the 9th June 2024.