Biodiversity for Business

The scale of the climate and biodiversity crises can seem immense and out of our control. Yet, there is hope – globally and locally – when people decide to take action.

"Is this relevant to my business?"

Nature or biodiversity is relevant to all businesses, irrespective of their sector or size. Sometimes there’s a really obvious link to biodiversity – for example a housing developer will need to achieve 10% Biodiversity Net Gain on a new development and will need to restore or create habitats to more than make up for what will be lost. Some businesses will need to delve a bit deeper into their supply chain. A fashion retailer would look at where their garments are manufactured to find the impacts the manufacturing process is having on biodiversity. For example, the production of raw materials is likely to be where the biggest impacts on biodiversity lie (e.g., from intensive farming of cotton or sheep grazing).

How we can help

We're supporting businesses across Oxfordshire to get Nature Positive when making decisions about what to buy, how to manage land, or how to reduce, reuse and recycle.  By choosing the best options for nature we can, collectively, make a huge, positive contribution and grow Oxfordshire’s Nature Recovery Network.

There are some great resources online to help you. We’d suggest starting here

Begin your journey to become 'Nature Positive': 6 steps

1. Work out why your business cares about nature

2. Find your biodiversity lead

3. Familiarise yourself with the frameworks and standards

4. Start with quick wins!

5. Understand the full scale of your impact

6. Don't forget to engage your supply chain

Take the Nature Positive Business Pledge!

The pledge is for UK businesses of all sizes and sectors who want to reduce their negative impacts on nature and make nature positive decisions.

Case Studies

Have a story to share? Let us know! 

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Yellow Wagtail Partnership

The Yellow Wagtail Partnership is a landscape scale conservation project which aims to restore four miles of wetland meadows and pastures along the River Thames. Working alongside our partners, Earth Trust, Church Farm Partnership and Lower Farm, we are holistically managing the riparian grasslands to create a place that can be enjoyed by people and allow farming businesses and wildlife to thrive.