Wild Kidlington


This is one of several ‘Wilding’ projects now found across the County with Wild Banbury and Wild Bicester as close neighbours.  Here at Wild Oxfordshire, we are excited to be hosting this partnership project, (funded for three years with thanks to Cherwell District Council), that will enable Kidlington to “bring the wild back” to the village.  

  Coming up events: If you are local to Kidlington, head over to the Kidlington Eco Group’s website to view the project’s upcoming events  Kidlington Eco Group


To enhance the nature themed groups and activities that are already going on in Kidlington  

Improve green spaces for wildlife in the village  

Connect local residents to nature and increase understanding of local wildlife  


This project is a collaboration, funded by Cherwell District Council. Our Wild Kidlington’s Project Officer, Rhiannon Evetts is working closely with the Parish Council, Kidlington Eco Group (KEG), St Mary’s Fields, Harvest at Home, and other local groups to ensure the project’s delivery and success.  


If you or your group live in Kidlington and have an idea or want to get to involved with the Wild Kidlington project, please feel free to contact us at: Kidlington@wildoxfordshire.org.uk  

Alternatively, Rhiannon will be based at Exeter Hall roughly 1 day a week (usually on a Thursday), although she may be found wondering the wilds of Kidlington, chatting to the residents and helping deliver workshops and activities.  

What to Expect / Plans for the Project

- More wildlife themed walks and talks  
- Enhanced Green Spaces
- Hedgehog highway village wide initiative
- Wildlife gardening tips and advice  
- More nature connecting activities in Kidlington  

Coming Up Events

If you are local to Kidlington, head over to the Kidlington Eco Group’s website to view the project’s upcoming events.


Wildflower seeds have been planted on Lyne Road Green as part of the new management plan to enhance local biodiversity. If you would like to become a Lyne Road Green volunteer to help deliver the management plan, please contact Rhiannon.  

Our walks and talks have been a huge success! 32 people came for our 4am Dawn Chorus walk, led by Wild Oxfordshire’s Mike Pollard and Julia Trowles from St Mary’s Fields. We saw tawny owl chicks and rather befittingly, identified ‘jack-go-to-bed-at-noon” growing in the meadow. Andy Pedley is working hard to continue the much loved bat walks, that many of you attended in the Summer. These will be back in the spring!

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