Water Blitz:  2nd May 2017

2nd May – The Fourth Water Blitz!
For up to date results follow this link https://ewgis.org/flinks-waterblitz/   If you have any technical problems when entering your results on-line please email  waterblitz@earthwatch.org.uk.
Hundreds of citizen scientists took simple water tests from across the Thames River Basin, helping to fill in the gaps of knowledge about the ecological condition of our freshwater.
Working in partnership with Earthwatch, Thames Water, the Environment Agency and CEH Wild Oxfordshire has been able to issues hundreds of free kits to volunteers keen to find out more about their local waterbodies.  Small streams and ponds in our environment can be overlooked but may hold important clues about sites of outstandingly clean water or sources of pollution. Next Water Blitz 2nd October 2017 – register your interest with hilary@wildoxfordshire.org.uk

Thank you to Garfield Weston for helping fund the WaterBlitz.

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