Donate Online Next Steps for Oxfordshire’s NRN

Future local development plans will need to consider in detail how to plan for more nature. Oxfordshire Plan 2050 provides an opportunity use the draft Nature Recovery Map to help plan for nature’s recovery at a county-wide level and to set the framework for future Local Plans.

Oxfordshire’s Biodiversity Advisory Group has proposed a number of policies for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.  These include:

  • Support for the development of an Oxfordshire Nature Recovery Strategy.
  • Requiring developments in the three nature recovery zones make a positive contribution to nature’s recovery. Oxfordshire’s environmental organisations have a shared ambition to achieve 20% net gain across the county.
  • Giving the Nature Recovery Network significant weight in planning decisions
  • Avoiding major new built development in the Recovery zone.
  • Protecting and enhancing habitats of particular importance for nature and strengthening ecological networks.
  • Focusing on improving nature in the Recovery zone, including the establishment of large nature areas of at least 5000ha in size.
  • Investing more in monitoring the change in nature so that it can be seen if the improvements are actually being achieved and action taken if not.