Donate Online Background to Oxfordshire’s Nature Recovery Network

To achieve nature’s recovery, Oxfordshire needs large areas where wildlife is able to flourish and where nature provides the range of ecosystem services we will need in the future.  Our ambition should be to double the amount of land of high value for nature by 2050.

As well as having a primary role of supporting abundant wildlife, a Nature Recovery Network should enhance natural beauty, conserve geodiversity and provide opportunities to deliver benefits for people, such as flood alleviation, recreation and climate change adaptation.

Future local development plans will need to consider in detail how to plan for more nature. Oxfordshire Plan 2050 provides an opportunity to use the draft Nature Recovery Map and recommended associated policies to help plan for nature’s recovery at a county-wide level and to set the framework for future Local Plans.

Oxfordshire already has the foundations for a local Nature Recovery Network. Since 2006, the Conservation Target Areas have been established as the spatial component of Oxfordshire’s strategic approach to biodiversity. They are concentrations of priority habitats and species and include surrounding land that can buffer and link these habitats and provide opportunities to create new sites.

Introduction to NRNs/ Map of Oxfordshire’s NRN / Proposed policies relating to NRN