Wild Oxfordshire, along with other Oxfordshire charities, has adapted the national Nature 2030 campaign's policies into five crucial actions tailored for our county:

1. More space for Oxfordshire's nature

2. Healthy nature for everyone

3. Nurturing Oxfordshire's green workforce

4. Supporting nature-friendly farming in Oxfordshire

5. Corporate responsibility for nature's recovery

Across Oxfordshire, many people and organisations are helping to restore and improve access to nature.  But we are at a pivotal point.

The party elected to power will play a critical role in determining the success of these actions and the future of Oxfordshire's natural environment. That's why we need your help to ensure that all candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, prioritise the restoration of our county's wildlife and natural habitats.

When you cast your vote next month, look for candidates who:

• Dedicate funding to protect and restore our natural environment

• Plan to actively involve local people in conservation decisions and efforts

• Commit to collaborating closely with councils to implement nature-friendly policies

Find out more by visiting the OXEB website.

reading this press release

or download our pdf.

Your vote is a powerful tool for change. Use it to advocate for clean air, clean water, accessible green spaces, and a sustainable future for all. Oxfordshire's nature is depending on you.