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2018/19 Winter Newsletter 

Annual Report 2018-19 ECP

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18

Wild Oxfordshire Newsletter  Autumn 2017

Wild Oxfordshire’s  Chairs Report 2016-17

Wild Oxfordshire’s Accounts 2016-17

Wild Oxfordshire’s Annual Report and Accounts 2015-16

New technologies in river and floodplain monitoring – a partnership project Atkins, Evenlode Catchment Partnership and Cotswold Seeds

Earthwatch – Waterblitz since 2015 – overview of project and summary of first three blitz’

Chair’s report to AGM, presentation by Sian Liwicki Jan 2017

Oxfordshire’s State of Nature Report, presentation by Graham Scholey Jan 2017

Evenlode Natural Flood Mgt Project presentation by Jo Old & Vaughn Lewis Jan 2017

Wild Oxfordshire’s Waterblitz goes from strength to strength, Oxford Times October 2016

Ock Catchment Autumn Newsletter October 2016

New farming partnership project – Wild Oxfordshire, Thames Water and FWAG, June 2016

Jubilee Wildife Spaces – slideshow of some of the fabulous sites visited, May 2016

David Cameron visits the Evenlode – Hilary Phillips is the Catchment lead, April 2016

River Glyme, West Oxfordshire –  youtube clip post restoration, February 2016

Funding success for the Evenlode, February 2016

River Glyme, West Oxfordshire – youtube, drone flight pre pre-restoration, Summer 2015

Waterblitz 1 – our first waterblitz,  September 2015

Oxfordshire Goes Wild – a fun family event, September 2016

Planning and the environment – a workshop for planners and Councillors, July 2015