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“Before the advent of the flail hedge trimmer (only 50 years ago), hedges were cut and laid in a circa 10-year cycle, so only 10% were cut in any one year. There were also more hedges – and the remaining 90% of uncut hedges would have been of varying growth stages. Hedgerows were the countryside’s larder – pink and white with blossom in the spring, and red with fruit in the autumn. Every living creature had a corridor linking to the diverse farmland around.”  Rob Crocker, Oxfordshire Farmer

The Watlington Hedgerow Project is a fantastic example of community action to survey, rejuvenate and extend their surrounding hedgerow network. Watch their short film to find out about what they are doing and why:

How to survey the condition of a hedgerow using the People‘s Trust for Endangered Species methodology

Funding opportunities for hedgerow creation and rejuvenation

Oxfordshire’s very own Rob Crocker talks (and sings) to
Eynsham’s Local Nature Recovery Network about the glory of hedges

Hedgelink is a national organisation and a fantastic source of management advice and all hedge related information

Oxfordshire hedgerow suppliers of Supplier of native Hedgerow & Woodland Plants:

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