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Corporate sponsorship


welcome support from Oxfordshire based companies. We have a wide range of projects and costs that would suite a wide range of organisations.  If you would like more information please get in touch with Camilla Burrow.


Wild Oxfordshire hosted the ground breaking Natural Flood Management project since 2016. Trialling a natural approach to flood prevention, through inline ponds and field bunds in west Oxfordshire.

 Natural Flood Management Project, cost to Wild Oxfordshire £20-£25,000 pa. Brought over £800,000 of additional funding to the catchment. Funding is  spent on reducing flooding and improving biodiversity.

Virtual training and conferences, last year we welcomed over 400 people to – Butterfly identification, Oxfordshire Catchment Conference, our Annual Lecture, Community Groups Conference.  Sponsorship can range from £200 -£5,000