Results to Date

Water-Blitz sampling is allowing us to better understand ponds or lakes, or stretches of flowing water that are consistently clean or consistently polluted highlighting where potential pollution sources may be located. From a management point of view, participants have reported high sediment, high nutrient or algal bloom conditions in a number of projects that have resulted in agency actions towards mitigation.

Results of your sampling can be viewed by clicking on the Blitz Results (Thames) tab when logged in to the Freshwater Watch site. As soon as your data has been uploaded it is displayed as a colour-coded point that gives an immediate indication of the sample’s nutrient levels. To examine  the data in more detail yourself follow the instructions here.

From the scientific point of view, there have been about 15 publications over the year based on the results of the project, see links below for recent publications that resulted from the programme:

The Thames Water-Blitz on new Freshwater Links website – link to follow

Freshwater Links will bring together multiple environmental projects with a citizen science component from across the River Thames catchment into a single online location. The Thames Water-Blitz, Riverfly Monitoring and the Evenlode Catchment Monitoring projects will all be linked by this exciting new website, designed and managed by Earthwatch’s Freshwater Watch team.

Freshwater Links will enhance geospatial resource sharing between citizen science initiatives, NGOs and government organisations. Visitors to Freshwater Links will be able to discover information, join in, and encourage ideas that will help to improve the quality of their local aquatic environments. Whether it is using or discovering national datasets, making new geographic outputs or simply gaining an understanding of the wellbeing of local aquatic environments, Freshwater Links will be the place to visit.

A link will be added shortly to enable you to view, interrogate and interpret data from this exciting new open data resource.

Download past presentations of results: 2015 and 2015-2016