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Catchment-based projects offer a great opportunity for local communities and organisations to work together on schemes that can deliver benefits for freshwater ecosystems and wildlife. We are fortunate in the Evenlode to have some excellent partners  working with us on a wide range of initiatives. Projects can take several years to scope, develop, fund then deliver and we work closely with the EA throughout this process. We are always interested to hear from local people with ideas they’d like to discuss for future projects, including river restoration, education, historic and cultural projects.

Many of our projects are over-lapping in scope, sharing resources and outcomes to varying degrees. For example, the river restoration and NFM projects are monitored to demonstrate impacts; this monitoring can be developed as a partnership research project with universities or other research establishments, or through the mobilization of our teams of citizen scientists. Where possible data is open source and can be used by students as part of the river education and demonstration projects.

Most of our projects do fall into one of the categories below (follow the links for more details):