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                                                       February 2022

Evenlode Catchment Partnership Project Caught on Camera

 Our large-scale, multi-partnered river restoration project is splashing out internationally! Due to the widescale political interest in the water quality of our rivers and streams, New Scientist were looking for a river restoration story…and they found the ECP! 

New Scientist’s journalist and film makers arrived on location to hear from the Partnership’s experts about the fantastic data that is being collected and to capture the Evenlode’s story. Mark Purvis set the scene, outlining the poor state the Evenlode is in. He pointed out that this is likely to be mainly due to the lack of phosphate stripping and pollution from raw sewage. This point was emphasised by a site visit to the sewage treatment works and interviews at other site locations. The New Scientist Team were also shown the Sonde equipment and the water quality data it has collected. Following Interviews were carried out throughout the day, at various sites. 

Everyone did brilliantly, particularly as we weren’t expecting a film crew! A huge thank you to everyone involved and to those that allowed the day to go ahead on private land. Thank you too, to the people behind the scenes that couldn’t make the actual day.

Thank You

Finally, special thanks to our very own Ann Berkeley for making this possible and providing sustenance for us all.


  • Mark Purvis, (fisherman): water quality, state of the Evenlode, sewage treatment works, lack of phosphate stripping and raw sewage
  • John Pratt, (fisherman): water quality, riverfly sampling, Citizen science (catchment champions), significant deterioration downstream of the sewage treatment works outfall.
  • Charlotte Henderson, (Earthwatch theme lead): water quality, water quality data analysis, and catchment champions
  • Helena Soteriou, (Thames Water, Catchment Initiatives Programme Manager): Smarter catchments and their role in reducing pollution
  • Matt Childs, (Bruern Farm Manager): water quality and farming, diffuse pollution, incentives for farmers
  • Jo Old, (Environmental Agency, Evenlode Catchment Coordinator): diffuse pollution, change of land use and nutrient trapping

Evenlode Catchment  Partnership 2017 Annual Stakeholder Meeting 

1 Pudlicote Phase 2
2 Evenlode Partnership Nov 2017
3 Evenlode 30Nov 2017 HRW
4 TW Evenlode Partnership Nov2017
5 Wychwood
6 Evenlode 30Nov2017
7 EvenlodePartnership Nov 2017

 Evenlode Catchment  Partnership  Newsletters 

The Evenlode Partnership in the News

  • 13th Nov 2019 – Vaughan Lewis is interviewed on Radio Oxford  about the current flooding in the River Evenlode Valley, the work of the ECP’s natural flood management work and the importance of controlling the water at source.
  • 2017_Vaughan Lewis, a key member of the ECP steering group, has been declared a River Champion at a River Restoration Centre (RRC) awards ceremony. Vaughan has worked voluntarily and tirelessly for over 30 years with river trusts and local community groups to plan and deliver river restoration projects, chase funding and liaise with regulatory bodies.
  • 2017_We’ve signed the ‘Water Life‘ declaration
  • 2016_In a recent workshop 0rganised by the Oxford Doctoral Training Partnership in Environmental Research, the UK team of the H2020 NAIAD project got some first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities of natural flood management in one of the upper catchments in the Thames basin, the Evenlode catchment. Read Arnout van Soesbergen’s Blog about the day.
  • 2016_Anne Miller attended a Valuing Nature and Participatory Decision Making Conference at the University of Kent to represent the ECP and present our catchment work as a poster.
  • Dave Gasca-Tucker writes about the monitoring at Combe Mill partnership with Van Walt.
  • 2015_an informal gathering of national and international experts met to discuss future technologies for monitoring rivers. It was hosted by Nick Everard from the EA who had heard of our Stratford Bridge restoration scheme and asked Jerome Mayaud from Oxford University, who had been flying the Stratford Bridge, to present his work.
  • David Cameron then PM and Witney MP, visits Honeydale Farm, to meet Ian and Celene Wilkinson of Cotswolds Seeds and members of the ECP to learn more about Natural Flood Management.

National news

NFM projects being funded in Thames Area. Nationally there were more than 180 proposals made requesting more than £9 million funding.   The national response to the open competition exceeded expectations – showing real potential for the work of Catchment Partnerships to contribute to managing flood and coastal erosion risk. The EA were not able to allocate funding to all of the proposals. However, the Minister did recognise the strength of proposed work and agreed to extend the available funding from £1 million to £1.6 million. Download the map  here.