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River Education & Fieldwork for Schools

The rivers in the Evenlode Catchment provide a unique, diverse and accessible outdoor classroom for teaching a range of curriculum subjects to all Key Stages, especially geography and science. In addition the Evenlode Catchment Project website provides teachers with information on the Rivers Glyme, Evenlode and Dorn – such as maps, data and reports.

In 2017-2018 the Evenlode Catchment Project will be piloting education activities and seeking funding to support further work. Please contact if your school is interested.

River Education for Primary Schools

There are many locations on the River Evenlode accessible by public footpath for Primary Schools to visit the rivers to learn about geographical features in their local area. Schools can also arrange visits to the River Evenlode through environmental education organisations within the Evenlode Catchment. Local schools visit Combe Mill to learn about the wildlife and habitats of rivers, forest and meadows as well as learning about the local history of the Mill:

River Education for Secondary Schools

The Rivers Evenlode and Glyme are ideal for river fieldwork investigations for Key Stages 3-5, with many diverse sites along both rivers that accessible by public footpath. Secondary schools have carried out a variety of river fieldwork such as river cross sections, measuring velocity, water quality testing, turbidity and land use mapping. Primary data collection by students can be supported by the Evenlode Catchment Partnership’s secondary resources such as maps, data and reports found on this website and via the Freshwater_Links portal. Evenlode Catchment Partnership have experts in rivers, ecology and land management and they may also volunteer to talk to school groups if available. The Partnership has a variety of issues and topics that A Level students can use for their independent investigation topics.

Combe Mill Education Co-ordinator can provide teachers with information and advice for secondary school fieldwork and independent investigations (contact

River Education for Teachers

The Evenlode Catchment is an ideal environment for teachers to learn about rivers, woodlands and all habitats in catchments, and increase their own skills in fieldwork. The University of Oxford Geography PGCE course brings trainee teachers to Combe Mill annually to participate in a fieldwork day. Run by the Sylva Foundation and partners, the fieldwork day has been very successful in training the next generation of Geography teachers:

Absolutely fantastic morning, I learnt a lot and had lots of fun. Really brilliant speakers, who were really friendly. I would definitely be interested in bringing students here once I am a teacher.” Geography Trainee Teacher, October 2016

If you are a local Teacher and would like to get involved in practical field work and monitoring at Combe Mill see the ComicsLab project and contact Combe Mill Education Co-ordinator (