Donate Online How Oxfordshire NP was Set Up

On 28 January 2020, the Growth Board provided its support for establishing a LNP for Oxfordshire which could link in with the Board’s work and wider regional discussions concerning the natural environment.

Mai Jarvis (Oxford City Council), Giles Hughes (West Oxfordshire District Council), Prue Addison (BBOWT, Oxford Environment Board member) and Camilla Burrow (Wild Oxfordshire, Oxford Environment Board co-chair and Biodiversity Advisory Group member) came together to lead the work to establish an LNP. The Working Group identified the need for an independent facilitator to undertake a stakeholder consultation.

In July 2020, George Levvy was appointed to facilitate the stakeholder consultation.

The aim of the first stage was to engage key stakeholders and understand their views and preferences for establishing an Oxfordshire LNP. The process involved both group discussions with George Levvy and one on one discussions with key stakeholders. Three group discussions were held with groups representing (i) the local authorities, (ii) the Oxfordshire Environment Board and (iii) the Biodiversity Advisory Group. One-to-one discussions were held with other key stakeholders.

Roy Cox joined the Working Group after the lack of representative of business and landowners was identified.

George had meetings with various stakeholders across Oxfordshire in Autumn 2020 and produced a report on his findings.

A stakeholder workshop was held in December 2020 where attendees confirmed Prue, Camilla, Giles, Roy and Matthew as the Working Group with George facilitating. The Working Group was instructed to prepare a proposal for governance, structure, funding and strategic priorities for the LNP.

Following the workshop the Working Group developed a proposal for the LNP which was circulated to all stakeholders.

A further workshop was held in March 2021 where feedback on the proposal was received.

Nick Mottram joined the working group after Mai went on maternity leave.

The proposal was further refined and circulated to stakeholders on 12 April 2021 with an invite to complete a survey and provide feedback.

In light of the final round of feedback the Working Group finalised the LNP proposal and began work on establishing the LNP.

The following documents were prepared by the Working Group:

  • Board Member Criteria
  • LNP Manager Job Description
  • LNP Chair Role Description
  • Budget
  • Board Terms of Reference
  • Forum Terms of Reference
  • LNP Proposal

In June 2021, the Working Group contacted representatives of the various sectors to be represented on the LNP board to help facilitate the appointment of board members.

By August 2021, all Board Members had been confirmed.

We aimed to get the entire board together for an introductory meeting in October at Blenheim Estate, however due to availability we have had to run this as two meetings – one in October and the following in November. This is an informal ‘getting to know each other’ meeting before the first formal meeting takes place.

The working group which has led the establishment of the LNP to this point, will support the first few meetings of the LNP Board, which will start with a Zoom meeting at the end of November, where the board members will select an interim Chair to run the LNP until a Chair is in plan. Matthew Stanton (BBOWT) will provide administrative support for the first quarterly board meeting in early 2022.

One of the first tasks in the formal meetings will be for the Board to review the LNP Terms of Reference drafted by the Working Group. A meeting of the Forum will follow shortly after.

We envisage that the Board will be able to advertise for the LNP Manager & Chair roles in early 2022.