Donate Online Draft Map of Oxfordshire’s Nature Recovery Network

The development of a draft network map has been carried out collaboratively by a partnership of local nature conservation organisations, led by Thames Valley Environmental Records Centre (TVERC), Wild Oxfordshire and The Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) and overseen by Oxfordshire’s Biodiversity Advisory Group (BAG) and adopted by the Oxfordshire Environment Board (OxEB). Extensive consultation with a wide group of stakeholders has ensured that the map has been scrutinised by the wider environmental community in Oxfordshire.

The NRN consists of 3 zones:

  1. Core zone – the most important sites for biodiversity in Oxfordshire – including all nationally and locally designated sites, nature reserves, priority habitats and ancient woodland.
  2. Recovery zone – comprising the Conservation Target Areas, Important Freshwater Areas and additional areas added to provide better habitat connectivity.
  3. Wider Landscape zone – covering the rest of the county, recognising the important contribution that agricultural and urban landscapes beyond the Recovery zone can make to nature’s recovery

A wide range of data and a variety of analytical approaches were used by TVERC to identify the draft NRN for Oxfordshire. The data and methods are described in the Technical Report.

Introduction to NRNs /Background to Oxfordshire’s NRN/ Proposed policies relating to NRN