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Hedgerows are essential wildlife corridors. They link habitats such as woodlands, ponds and meadows giving food and shelter for pollinating insects, birds and mammals.Hedgerows provide shade for cattle and sheep grazing in pasture, protect crops from wind and help to prevent soil erosion.

Hedgerows beside roads help to trap pollutants from passing traffic, and soak up flood water in streams and ditches. Hedgerows store carbon and provide a renewable source of wood fuel.

Wild Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes

Net Zero: The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming.  In 2007 the last hedgerow survey recorded 500,000 km of hedgerow in the UK. Environmental organisations called for planting and restoring hedgerows with a target of 40% increase by 2050 at the latest.

What this means for Oxfordshire:planting 500 metres of hedgerow in each parish every year for the next 30 years
The Wild Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes Project from 2020 to 2022, funded by CPRE, created inspiring and useful resources based on the success of volunteers planting 15 km of hedgerows in towns and villages across the county.

Download CPRE Hedgerow Heroes Project report, includes Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes
Read Wild Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes blog
Watch West Meadow Hedgerow film by Nicola Schafer. West Meadow is a key site in the Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes project
Watch How to plant a hedge with Nigel Adams filmed in Watlington by Nicola Schafer
Download How to care for a new hedgerow pdf

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) advocates planting more hedgerows

New Position Available! Learn the Craft of Hedgelaying: 
An opportunity has arisen for a part time trainee to learn the craft of hedgelaying in South Oxfordshire and the southern Chiltern Hills area. Find out more and apply to the position here

Wild Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes include:
Kidlington Parish Council
Watlington Climate Action Group
Watlington Environment Group
Eynsham and surrounding parishes Nature Recovery Network
Wychwood Forest Trust
There are many funding opportunities for planting hedgerows and other biodiversity enhancements.

Hedgerow Habitat Guidance and Resources

A tailored species mix for maximum biodiversity and benefit for wildlife - providing food and shelter all year

Watch our hedgerow videos - with special thanks to Watlington Climate Action and Nicola Schafer

Surveying Hedgerows - Why and How

Megan Gimber

Hedgerows - Reserviors of Life

Rob Walton

Hedgerows - Law, Rules and Regulation

Emma Marrington

Introducing Watlington Hedgerow Project

How to Survey a

How to Lay
a Hedge

What is
in a Hedge?

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