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We are a group of knowledgeable and experienced scientists, practitioners and communication specialists inspiring and empowering people to work together effectively for nature’s recovery across Oxfordshire.

Our Key Activities


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 Bringing people within the conservation sector together at the strategic and operational scale, to work for more effective change, avoiding duplication and conflict.


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Providing bespoke advice to inspire and empower individuals and communities to enhance their environment and use nature-based solutions.


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Piloting innovative, exemplar,  on-the-ground activities and sharing stories to encourage others.


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 Horizon-scanning and sharing curated, relevant, and trusted information to raise awareness and facilitate action for nature’s recovery.

What We're Currently Working On

Partnerships and Nature's Recovery on a Landscape and County+ Scale

We facilitate partnerships and collaborations within the conservation sector to work for more effective change, avoiding duplication and conflict. These large-scale partnerships include the Oxfordshire Nature Partnership and the Evenlode Catchment Partnership.

Natural Flood Management Phase 1 Tour - Evenlode Catchement Partnership

Strategic Planning

The Nature Recovery Network and Strategy sets out what we need to achieve in Oxfordshire, and how we’re going to get there. This strategic spatial plan is an essential component of informed decision-making in the County and is used by local authorities, conservation organisations and others. We are working with our partners to ensure the strategy is evidence-based, codesigned by stakeholders and fully resourced to deliver nature’s recovery on the ground.

Community Ecology

We inspire and empower local communities to create more natural neighbourhoods, giving tailored, expert advice on habitat management and creation. Our current focus is on the Hedgerow Heroes project.

Wild Kidlington Event - (c) Roselle Chapman

Our Nature Recovery Projects

Curlew Project - (c) Julie Cuthbert

As well as large-scale partnerships, we also run smaller practical projects where we identify any unmet needs, which as a small charity we can respond to quickly. Look at our Action for Nature pages to see the projects we are currently working on.