Water-Blitz 2016

2016 Water Blitz:  3rd Ocotber 2016

Schools, local groups and individuals are invited to take part in the water blitz on 3rd October. It’s easy to do and you can help build up the picture of water quality across Oxfordshire.

EarthWatch  have volunteered to handle the data and map all results on their global water-hub with the resulting data available to everyone involved. Watch the short video showing how the tests work.

Wild Oxfordshire and Earthwatch partner with the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the Environment Agency and catchment partnerships to carry out a biannual census of ecosystem conditions throughout the Thames catchment.

The Thames catchment includes a large network oWatertesting1sept2015bencurtisfrom ian curtisf streams, canals, ditches, ponds and rivers. Nutrient pollution (phosphates and nitrates) and sediments enter these waterbodies and can degrade these important ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

This year the nutrient testing kits are kindly being provided by Freshwater Habitats Trust as part of their Thames Water for Wildlife survey.

Download a TW Blitz Leaflet v3 

Get Involved in the spring Waterblitz in 3 easy steps:

  1.  Sign up here to register for the Thames Water-Blitz 2016 and recive your free sampling kit
  2. Log in to your new profile on the Earthwatch Waterhub website to watch the short video and to access the interactive map of 2015 water blitz. You can zoom into the area you want to sample to help select a site
  3. Shortly after signing-up you’ll be contacted about receiving  your free water testing kits


To watch a short video about the water blitz shot at Combe Mill, in the Evenlode river catchment follow this link.

All data submitted to the Thames Water Blitz will be will be shared with Freshwater Habitats Trust and contribute to the Thames Water for Wildlife survey.

If you have any queries please  mail hilary@wildoxfordshire.org.uk giving the name of your organisation (if applicable) and location.