Water-Blitz 2016

2016 Water Blitz:  3rd Ocotber 2016

Schools, local groups and individuals are invited to take part in the water blitz on 3rd October. It’s easy to do and you can help build up the picture of water quality across Oxfordshire.

Citizen Science volunteers work alongside Wild Oxfordshire, Earthwatch and other partners to gain a snapshot of freshwater quality across the area. Samples are taken in a constrained period so that each data point is comparable to the next and less subject to the influence of changing weather and seasons. All data gathered goes to a central database so that researchers and decision-makers can identify areas for further investigation. At the same time the WaterBlitz results contribute to the global FreshWater Watch database to further our understanding of global water quality issues.  Watch the short video showing how the tests work.

The Thames catchment includes a large network oWatertesting1sept2015bencurtisfrom ian curtisf streams, canals, ditches, ponds and rivers. Nutrient pollution (phosphates and nitrates) and sediments enter these waterbodies and can degrade these important ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

Get Involved in the Waterblitz by registering at the FreshWater Watch site. Contact hilary@wildoxfordshire.org.uk for your free kits when you’ve registered.

If you have been involved previously you will still need to log-in again using this link. Please take another measurement at sites you’ve tested previously and if possible go sample a different waterbody type (1 still water and 1 running water).

For newcomers to the WaterBlitz please take a look at the online map when you’ve registered and try to sample near your workplace or home, but preferably in areas without past samples.